How to Smoke Cigar Like a Pro in a Cigar Bar and Lounge

Even with bans of public smoking of cigarette and cigar in general, it is essential to figure out the best cigar bar and lounge you can be at liberty to smoke without any worry. One would need to make sure that he or she does not fall a victim of the smoking ban especially by ensuring that he or she smokes in an establishment that caters for smokers, a cigar bar and lounge. You would, however, need to check whether the cigar bar and lounge you go to permits smoking cigarettes or it exclusively allows only cigar smoking. click here for more

Even as you make all the considerations, you would need to be sure that the cigar bar and lounge in question allows the gentlemen to have their best moments. While some experienced gentlemen may have an easy time locating the best cigar bar and lounge, newbies may have a harder time figuring out the best. Finding a good cigar bar and lounge may not be the only problem as some of these newbies may also need to understand what the ritual of cigar smoking entails. 

The first thing you would need to do is to open the cigar at one end using a cigar cutter. The open part tends to be the part you will put in your lips. You would need to make sure that you cat the cigar carefully to avoid instances where you cut below the seam and have the entire cigar unravel. You would remember to make sure that you draw cigar smoothly before lighting. In a case where it does not draw smoothly, you would need to know that it is tightly rolled and hence need to get a new cigar or make the cut larger to admit more air. More on the Alejandro's

Whether you are using a match, butane lighter or a cedar spill, you would need to know that lighting a cigar is the same. You would need to make sure that you toast the foot of the cigar as you prepare it for lighting. You would then tilt the cigar at about 45 degrees while you light the cigar on the tuck end. You would need to avoid instances where you char the expensive and beautiful wrapper as it would expose you as a newbie. To readily accept the flame, you would need to make sure that the tobacco is humid. After the whiff of smoke starts to curl up, you would then have to place the cigar on the mount and gently puff even as you continue to rotate the cigar and at the same time make sure that the flame does not touch the cigar. You would also need to remember to sip the cigar executively as you enjoy the flavor.